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Meet The Founder

Neha Shah began her career in events back in 2002 as a hobby which quickly turned into a passion. After working as a volunteer for the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles the organization decided to have an Events Department and brought on Neha for the role in May of 2009. Soon after she founded the company that is now Blue Lotus Insights. The company has continued to grow over the past 8 years from a simple event company to a full service Design, Planning and Coordination company. Her ability to manage high stress situations allow her clients to feel at ease. She believes that a collaborative effort with strong vendors and a dedicated team leads to successful events. She provides the independence her team needs to thrive and succeed all the while providing a framework for consistency for the success of her client’s events. Neha has been committed to building a strong Blue Lotus Team and works hard to provide her vendors as much support as possible to ensure her client’s events are flawless and successful. When she’s not planning events, Neha enjoys time with her husband, son and daughter traveling around the world as much as possible and always making sure to visit every Anthropologie store wherever she is.